Remember, remember the fifth of November…..

Tonight is Guy Fawke’s night. All across England bonfires will be lit in commemoration of the failed ‘gunpowder plot’ of the 17th century. I am celebrating this unforgettable night (as per the refrain of the title) sat on my sofa, half-undressed and teeth brushed ready for bed. It was only as I was half-way through my preparations for bed that I realised I hadn’t blogged today.

In my defence, it’s been a hell of a day. A massively important meeting which I have been very anxious about (it went fine in the end, thanks for asking) plus the arrival of my in-laws and all the talking and eating and drinking to excess that that entails after over a year without seeing one other. So the day slipped by without a window of space for just me and my thoughts and my laptop. Until now. Late on but just in under the wire.

So, my message today is….remember, remember it’s NaBloPoMo November!

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