A Week of Mindful Blogging

It may not seem a lot in the grand scheme of things but I have made it through a full week in my self-imposed NaBloPoMo mindful blogging task. My posts themselves may not seem mind blowing but yet, somehow, they and the process really have succeeded in bringing a mindful quality  to how I have lived this last week.

It’s 11.10pm and here I am carving out a little slot in my day to think, reflect and write. That makes me feel good about myself. It would be so easy to just not bother. So easy to fail. So, yes, I am pleased that I am keeping this small promise to myself.

Even the greatest journeys begin with one small step. By consciously keeping the steps small I feel like I am giving myself the chance to actually succeed, rather than setting myself up for failure. I’m all about creating a virtuous circle (the polar opposite of a vicious circle) – the smallest of interventions can help to turn a situation around and create a positive chain of events. First you just have to find/allow/create a single positive spark. Then go with it. See where it can lead.

It feels good to have made a promise to myself. I’m very good at making promises to others and at feeling obligations to others but not so great about rating my needs highly. Objectively, I know that I can’t be much use to anyone else in any context if I don’t particularly look after myself. Objectively I know that – if I take the time to sit a moment and think about it. The problem is that mostly I just don’t take that moment, instead I lurch forward through my days propelled by both my own immediate needs and a strong desire to please others.

Perhaps it is the combination of a private promise to myself and the public nature of that promise that is helping NaBloPoMo work so well for me. Me, I can disregard. But if I have involved others in this – ah, well that’s a different thing. I don’t want to let anyone else down. Even if they are largely imaginary or mere shadows of possibility, they still carry weight with my psyche.

Blogging, it seems, is a perfect format for me.



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