Two Good Ideas

I’ve just had a ‘Eureka!’ moment. Stick around to find if I burn my fingers on the lightbulb or not.

1. Instead of a conventional to do list I am going to ‘brainstorm’ a 5 point to do list each morning and then convert it into physical, actionable steps and then (get this for radical!) – do them. My thinking is that 5 is a manageable, not too intimidating number and that by brainstorming it rather than a more structured approach the most important items will float to the surface from my unconscious. I may, of course, need to come back and edit the title of this post at some future date depending on results. For now I’m gonna go with the not scaring myself and trusting my unconscious.

2. I need a new creative challenge. I almost wish I’d signed up to national novel writing month (so far off my radar that I don’t even know the acronym.) I don’t know if I even want to write fiction. My current feeling is that either a) I don’t want to or b) it’s what I want more than anything in the world and I’m too scared to admit it and everything else is just a distraction and a settling. Hmmmm….writing that sentence makes me wonder if maybe there’s more truth and feeling in hypothesis b). It certainly makes me think that I should put some effort into discovering the answer.
So. Fiction writing, eh? Where to begin? ‘Children’s stories’ just popped into my head. Going on my theories outlined above this means either a) I should take this gift from my unconscious and run with it or b) It’s another of my cunning tricks to avoid writing what I really want to, presumably some grand adult novel. Whatever, that last phrase that tripped off my keyboard is enough to convince me to stick with a) for the time being.

So, there’s a plan. I mean obviously it’s the weekend now, so the to-do list thing will just have to wait until Monday. I don’t want to kill it before it has a chance to live. And I shall also use the weekend to allow my unconscious to silently do its thang with some fiction idea generating without poking my conscious mind into the mix so soon. But come Monday there will be some active fiction writing. Come what may. There. I’ve said it now.

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