When I wrote my (almost) defeatist blog post the other night I guess I felt (almost) alone. I almost went to bed but instead I honoured the commitment I had made to myself/NaBloPoMo and I churned out a post before turning in.

The next morning I woke to an email from WordPress that started off ‘Congrats.’ It was early. I was sleepy. It did not compute. It was some time later before I went, ‘Oh s*$^t – I’ve been Freshly Pressed!’

Even then my excitement was somehow muted. Here was validation that I wouldn’t even have dared dream of 12 hours before and yet now I (almost) wasn’t about to let myself enjoy it. Was it not just a ridiculously self-indulgent post that didn’t deserve such recognition?

Then my post went live on the Freshly Pressed page and the comments started to come in.  And it turns out I’m not alone. What I wrote may have been self-indulgent but it turns out I wasn’t just indulging my own dreams and fantasies but those of many more bloggers, writers and dreamers. I wasn’t writing anything new or radical or unique but that doesn’t matter because writing about a shared experience, a shared feeling, something as basic as a shared yearning for greater self-expression, taps into a greater collective consciousness. And that, my friends, is blogging.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on this blog and to WordPress for making it all possible.

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