No Three Letter Words

Today’s Daily Post prompt on WordPress: Write an entire post without using a single three-letter word.  I’m paraphrasing here because those cheeky monkeys slipped a three-letter word into their prompt. (There must be an obscure word that defines that particular action, however I suspect it is probably three-lettered in construction. Or if it isn’t it should be.)

Anyway, it sounded like it could be kind of….ahem….enjoyable…. so I thought I would give it a go. It also sounded pretty easy…..however….I find myself at paragraph 2 having already reconstructed several sentences….plus….I seem to be losing faith in my ability to spot a three lettered word. Indeed I find myself eyeing every short-ish word suspiciously;  squinting as I carefully count their constituent parts.

I’m beginning to wonder if it might be a little like patting your head while rubbing your tummy – ostensibly simple; in reality, fiendishly difficult. Perhaps your ability to write free flowing sentences judders to a halt when your mathematical sensibilities switch on. A simple compatibility issue.

Perhaps WordPress thought it would be amusing to test this theory on their bloggers. Perhaps they currently recline in WordPress Towers, sipping their lattes, chuckling as they read hundreds of disjointed posts with sentences that clunk as loudly as a hand slapping a belly when it should in fact be seamlessly rubbing it.

Or perhaps I’m getting a little carried away. Please do excuse me, it is just that an itch is developing just over my right…..ocular socket….that I think is connected to my ongoing attempt at avoiding every utilization of three letter words. I want to work through this difficulty logically….however, I am gagged from asking many simple questions. I even find it difficult to link thoughts or phrases within sentences.

It is rather strange to miss something so small so much. Longer words sound less joyous to my ears presently, as they clatter up against each other, no yielding three letter words to cushion them or step them gently down to ones or twos. It seems I leaned on three letter words more than I realized. Their small, inconspicuous nature lending itself beautifully to telling a tale without shouting about their own presence.

The written world would be a poorer place with no three letter words.



6 thoughts on “No Three Letter Words

  1. Joe Owens

    Bravo! I count none that have three! I am sure it is quite a challenge, something I decided to forego. Your attempt shows it is possible. I found it very easily read as well as quite enjoyable.

  2. Heather Schlueter

    I must start by saying I’m very impressed… both with your entire blog, as well as with this post in particular. That’s why it pains me to be the one to point out the “own” in the second to last sentence… Please know, however, that I point it out in good fun! You did a fabulous job on this one! I have very much enjoyed all of your posts. Keep up the good work!

  3. aditya988

    Really nice work! Too bad about the second last sentence…:D I’ve only started blogging recently and find it extremely difficult to decide how much of an idea to put into writing and what to leave out. It seems to such a time-consuming task!


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