Saturday’s Post is Sparse of Words

Even though I’m not currently working a 9 to 5 job, the weekend is still a special space to me. Come Saturday, it’s like letting your belt out a notch or two after a really huge meal. And….breathe….

Time slows down at the weekend. Or at least our perception of it does, which amounts to the same thing. Idle moments are revelled in, rather than reviled for wasting precious potential productivity. Ironically, I sometimes find that I can be at my most creative and productive on days like these when I approach tasks unhurriedly, relishing their intricacies rather than rushing through them with one eye constantly fixed on the endgame (and the clock).

I’m a firm believer in the need for downtime. Time to nourish and repair our overly busy minds and bodies. That’s why the weekend was invented. And that’s why I’m going to step away from the laptop now and watch a movie with my honey. Mindfully. Happily.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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