Is It Worth Losing Sleep Over?

This, to me, is one of life’s big questions. I love my sleep. I need my sleep. I do not function well on short rations of sleep. I once crashed my car twice in one day after a night of not enough sleep (small baby related, sadly nothing glamorous) topped off by a morning dash out the door without so much as a cup of coffee. Big mistake. Big, big mistake. (No injuries other than to my pride and wallet, thankfully. But still.)

Anyway, you get the picture. I am not a woman to be parted from her sleep. Hence the importance with which I weigh the question: is it worth losing sleep over?

It’s a question that works in two directions. Towards the negative: is it really worth laying awake here at 2am (swiflty followed by the question: why is it always 2am when your worries assail you?) Towards the positive: is it worth hauling my lazy ass up out of bed early / keeping it out late?

In the negative instance the answer is almost always no. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through many nights of lying awake tossing and turning things over in my mind in an endless spin, it’s that it gets me nowhere. Apart from more tired and less able to function well.

In the positive instance, the answer can often times be a surprising yes. Getting up out of bed an hour early to do something fun or inspiring or just plain active can really give me an energy boost that more than compensates for the cut in my actual sleep time.

Simples, eh? Except that knowing the answer in theory and applying it in practice are two entirely different things. I’m still working on this conundrum.

(*Today’s post is brought to you courtesy of a blogger who’d rather be already tucked up in bed with a good book but is actually feeling quite pleased with herself for not flaking out and instead fulfilling her commitment to NaBloPoMo. And now to bed.)







4 thoughts on “Is It Worth Losing Sleep Over?

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