Reasons To Be Thankful

Ok, so I’m not American. Nor do I live in America. But that’s no reason not to give thanks today. (For some reason this week seems to be my week of jumping on bandwagons. I’m not quite sure what’s come over me. Bandwagonitis perhaps.)

So, here goes. My reasons to be thankful in 2012.

I am thankful for the way my small son tells me that he loves me a hundred times a day. For the way that, in moments of tiredness or need, he tugs on my hair as his comfort blanket. For the way he curls up next to me (or on me) in bed in the morning when he sneaks in for morning cud-cuds. For the weight of his sleeping body in my arms as I carry him up to bed at night. For the way that he chatters to himself as he plays with his toys on the floor, wrapped up in a world of his own imagining. For his uncontrollable giggles on being tickled, or chased or flung up in the air. I am so thankful for my son.

I am thankful for my partner and for the fact that we still enjoy each others’ company, despite the presence of aforementioned small child in the middle of our relationship like a tiny but deadly atom bomb of love, chaos and sleep deprivation. For the fact that we’ve each been lucky enough to find someone who’s bonkers enough to embark with gusto on the adventures that we both value, for a life more full of experience than of money or stability. That sounds a bit melodramatic but it’s amazing how melodramatic you can get to feeling when you’ve both given up well-paying jobs to live the good life abroad (as in the veg-growing, part-time working, outdoorsy kind of good life, definitely not the jet-set kind of good life).

I am thankful that I live somewhere so beautiful that my spirits cannot fail to be uplifted every day by the simple act of taking the dog for a walk or even just poking my head outside my front door. The view from our house is to rolling hillsides, woodland and distant snow-capped mountains. Every evening at sunset the light paints a different masterpiece.

I am thankful for my friends and for my neighbours and I am thankful that these two groups overlap. I am thankful that I have discovered the world of blogging, both as a means of self-expression and as a supportive and inspiring community.

I am thankful for my health and for the health of my loved ones. Long may it continue.

I am thankful for each new day and the renewed chance for happiness that each day brings with it. Even though I may not feel like that on, say, a Monday, when I receive a speeding fine in the post and I have to get a root canal at the dentist and fill in my taxes. But I guess that’s why they nominated one day in the year when you put your daily woes aside to focus on the bigger picture and remember all the reasons you have to be thankful. Now doesn’t that sound like a fun bandwagon to jump on?

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