Saturday Night Viewing

It’s Saturday night, it’s movie time! We kicked off with The Exotic Marigold Hotel. It was exactly how you might expect: well-acted (with a starry cast including Dame Judi Dench you would expect nothing less), touching, tender. Also: cheesy, unavoidably imperialistic in tone, unrealistic, slow of pace. Also annoying: the supposed ‘old’ folk didn’t look a day over 55 on the whole. All in all, a slow-moving disappointment.

Followed by an unplanned re-screening of an all-time classic: Pulp Fiction. When I say unplanned, I mean we hadn’t planned to watch it. It just turned out that it was on the telly when we got in. Now there’s a movie with pace, plot and panache. Nearly 20 years old and yet it still feels fresher than most of the tired Hollywood output of today.

It may be pulp but if I could write fiction that packed half the punch I’d be a happy bunny.

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