A Quickie

This has got to be a quickie as I have no internet at home, so I have driven 5 km down our windy, hair-raising road in a dramatic electrical storm amidst falling hailstones to get online. Heroic or what?!

And now I discover this place is closing in 5 minutes, plus my son is sitting on my lap and begging to go home. Scratch that, he´s now actually asleep in my arms. Bless.

Let´s see which happens first – will my left arm fall asleep from his weight or will they kick me out of here?

Oh, I think it´s going to be my arm that goes first actually.

Hey ho. Mission accomplished. I have at least blogged. And now they´re closing.

6 thoughts on “A Quickie

    1. Asturian Diary Post author

      I certainly am today! The thing is, it’s getting so close to the end of NaBloPoMo and I’d hate to be thwarted by something so mundane as internet issues at this stage. Of course the internet’s now fixed at home, so I needn’t have bothered! LOL

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