And Now, The End is Near….

It is, in fact, the last day of November. The final day of NaBloPoMo. I can’t quite believe I’ve made it this far. I can’t quite believe what a trip it’s been. It may be the end today but it feels like a whole new beginning.

I won’t lie to you. Posting every day is tough. There have been times when I’ve felt like giving up. But then there have been times when the payback from forcing myself to sit down, no excuses, and blog, come what may, has been fantastic. I’ve accessed new resources in myself and in the greater blogosphere.

Today I feel somewhat like a marathon runner limping in over the finishing line. I’ve made it. I don’t really care about the style I finish in at this stage. I just want to get to the other side. I’m so close, I know I’ve done it. But yet I still need to keep putting one pained foot in front of the other (one typing finger dancing after the other) until I can flop to the ground and be wrapped in tinfoil (flop on the sofa with a dvd and a bottle of wine).

The time for reflection and assessment will come later. For now I’m focussed (rather mindfully, I must say) on the task in hand. Edging ever closer to that ‘publish’ button.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in NaBloPoMo and thanks to everyone who read and supported me throughout this month. It’s been a blast. I’m taking the weekend off. But, in the words of that great Austrian-American actor, I’ll be back.

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