A Day of Ups and Downs

What a funny old day it’s been. A day off by default as some clients cancelled on me, I decided to turn the disappointment to my advantage and to make the most of a beautiful day. So off we snuck climbing. Only when we arrived at the crag and uncoiled our rope we realised that we didn’t have a belay device with us. A rope’s no use if you can’t brake it when you need to (i.e. when someone takes a fall or needs lowering off in a controlled manner.) Despite my partner’s on-the-spot lesson in belaying via a Munter hitch (a knot, for the non-climbers or scouts amongst you) when we discovered that furthermore we didn’t have a single locking karabiner with which to use the hitch we decided that actually maybe the Universe was simply telling us that we should skip the climbing today. So we did.

Defeated and not a little demoralised we trudged off back down the hillside. Our packs felt heavier than before, the absence of that small yet crucial piece of hardware vastly over-compensated for by the crushing weight of our own stupidity. Instead of feeling energized by a day of activity in the outdoors we were feeling tired from doing nothing.

Still, at least we had other tasks that we could attend to in the locality. After we dumped our currently entirely useless climbing sacks back in the car, my partner headed off with his camera to get some shots of the various crags for a guidebook he is working on. I stayed behind in the tiny mountain village where we were parked and fortuitously struck up a conversation with a local goat herder. Fortuitous not just because he was an interesting as well as very pleasant guy but also because he wants to sell his lovely stone-built cottage in this amazingly beautiful, unspoilt mountain village.

You see I work in property and those darned clients from this morning had cancelled viewings with me because the properties I had to show them just weren’t the right kind of thing for them. Frustrating. Ah, but this property could be really interesting. A special place with a unique appeal. If this morning’s clients don’t fall for it someone else certainly will. (I’d buy it myself if I could!)

But more than that the whole interaction and chance discovery re-inspired me and reminded me how you can sometimes find just what you are looking for when you have just about given up hope.


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