One Simple Resolution: The Uncarved Block

I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions. Rules are made to be broken and setting a load of resolutions would just feel like setting myself up for failure. And failure is depressing, which doesn’t exactly inspire one to greater heights.

So today is not about lists of things I could or should do better. Jeez, if I got started writing those lists where would I end? Probably sobbing into a consoling alcoholic drink, which would be somewhat self-defeating!

Instead of forcing myself into failure, today I choose to make one simple resolution. Really the simplest resolution of all. I resolve to return to the ‘uncarved block’. For those not familiar with the philosophy of Taoism let me explain that the uncarved block represents a state of naturalness, of living in harmony with your own true nature and that of the universe around you. The block of wood is uncarved; unshaped and unmarked by tools and cuts. Just as deep down, under all the layers of experience, learned attitudes, picked up habits and cultural beliefs that wrap us each so tightly, we all have our own simple, true nature. That which is really us.

To live in harmony with our true nature is to live spontaneously and creatively. It is to be free from selfishness and desire. It is to live well.

I don’t fool myself that I’m going to turn into some kind of saint overnight. Remember, I’m not keen on setting myself up for failure. But what I believe I can do is to hold this simple aim in my mind and my heart and let it inform my actions. By holding true to this and true to myself ultimately all those niggly items from those lists I don’t dare write will quite simply fall into place. That is my wish for this brand new year of 2013.

I hope all your wishes for 2013 come true and that you have a very happy new year!


4 thoughts on “One Simple Resolution: The Uncarved Block

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