Continental Drift

I was so excited about today that I almost couldn’t sleep last night. I lay awake visualizing exactly how my day of climbing with friends would be and how I would achieve incredible feats. I lived and breathed the routes that I would climb, right up to and including a successful final clip. I felt sure that this positive visualization coupled with my new taoist approach would help me to stay calm and focused when on the rock. I felt sure that today would be the day when I would tick some long outstanding projects.

I woke to a poorly toddler. I wasn’t going anywhere and no projects would be ticked. The perfect crisp, sunny winter’s day only served to mock me. Gutted.

Still, applying my simple question-for-any-event methodology I knew that cancelling my day out was the right thing to do. The only thing that felt right to me. There will be other days for climbing. Today was a day for staying indoors with my son.

I then turned my hopes to my to-do list. If I could bring forward tomorrow’s tasks to today then the day would not have been a total write-off. I could get ahead of myself (for once.) At least that’s what I hoped for the first half hour or so. It soon became apparent that three days into my new year regime my behaviour has not been so radically transformed as to see me cheating the devil that dogs my footsteps and that goes by the name of procrastination.

I fear that my pace of change is akin to the pace at which tectonic plates move. I am drifting into positive behaviours at the speed that continents drift into each other. So not fast then. But at least I’m moving in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Continental Drift

  1. elizabeth.aram

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