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I haven’t blogged on here in a while. Life’s been busy, I’ve been away some and my internet connection has been on the blink. A bad combination for the would-be blogger. But enough excuses. Time to get on.
I’ve been feeling a little stuck lately. Lots of plans, projects, ideas and dreams revolving in my head but what I lack is the energy, momentum and application to convert them into reality. The step-by-step eludes me.
Ordinarily I would use exercise and movement as a great tool for freeing up my stuck mental energy and getting me going again but I have been suffering with a cough for the last number of weeks and the smallest bit of exercise makes me feel breathless and rubbish, so that fall-back trick is out of action.
But I need to do something to give me a push forwards and stop me spinning my wheels. For that I am going to choose blogging. I’m going to use this little space of mine to splurge out some stuff of a morning and leave the way clear for getting on and doing.
At least that’s the plan. Join me and see if it works out.
What about you? Do you have any tips for getting motivated and moving? How do you ensure that your dreams are delivered out of your head and into reality? Any hints and tips gratefully received!

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