No Filter

If you use Twitter or Instagram you’re probably familiar with the ‘no filter’ hash tag. It’s used to indicate that the vivid colours in a photo have not been enhanced through processing. Well I’m about to appropriate it for my own purposes.

I’m typing this post on my phone, because that’s the only thing I have to hand and I don’t want to lose the moment. I’m sick of writing so many brilliant posts in my head that I never get around to posting as by the time I sit down at my computer the inspiration’s gone or they no longer feel relevant or they’re lost in the stack of other half-written, never to be published blogs that rattle around in my head all the time.

So expect some more typos and mistakes in this and posts to come. Expect more posts, full stop. Remember, you have the power to click away – a useful piece of knowledge for me too.

Yup. I’m going to be blogging without filters from here on out. This follows on from my previous post as when I sat down to think of successful bloggers I remembered a friend I met at a conference earlier this year. She blogs professionally, writes brilliantly and prolifically AND, I discovered, happily rattles off posts on her Blackberry, anytime, anywhere, whenever inspiration strikes.

I think I need to be a bit more like her. So here it is: my first #nofilter post and the first time I’ve ever posted more than once in a day.

What about you: do you filter your blogging heavily or are you already a fan of #nofilter blogging?

2 thoughts on “No Filter

  1. Jess

    Totally a fan of no filter blogging. It’s SO hard to get on my computer at all, ever. It hasn’t held a charge in about three years (almost as long as I’ve had the damn thing), so I have to be plugged in all the time, which is irritating. Plus my two little monsters make it IMPOSSIBLE to break it out during the day. They’ll poke and press buttons, or unplug it on me. I became a fan of “no filter blogging” (blogging from my iPhone) about 6 months ago. Maybe longer. It’s been awesome! I can blog whenever, wherever. I’m able to hold onto my ideas longer, because I can immediately fire it into a post.


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