Do What Makes You Happy

Simple advice but also somehow intimidating. The incitement to ‘do what makes you happy’ resonates at a deep level but it also challenges us. To find and know what it is that makes us happy. To admit to what that something is and to dare to go for it.

Breaking it down though, it doesn’t have to be scary. Start small. We’re not necessarily talking ‘do what will make you permanently and continuously happy’ (is there even such a thing?) More like: do what will bring you joy in this moment right now and the next. Micro-happiness as opposed to macro-happiness.

Now I’ve gone to the other end of the scale in advice giving. Now my advice sounds too small and insignificant. Barely worth bothering with. But bear with me.

Each micro happiness can be a building block in the construction of your macro happiness.

A simple example. Yesterday I went rock climbing. I had a great day, got some exercise, felt a sense of personal achievement. Today, Monday, I woke up in a great mood. Positive, disposed to work and take on the world. Yesterday’s micro happiness made today better. Today’s positive attitude is helping me do things that will make tomorrow better.

So my best advice to you really is do what makes you happy. Reflect on the choices you have in each moment and choose the option that you know will make you happiest in this moment and the next. Small step by small step.




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