Keeping It Together and Closing the Deal

Well, it’s been a busy few days. Hence the lack of posting. Lots of positive stuff, some of which seems like a direct manifestation of intentions I have been expressing here in my blog. There is even the distinct possibility of earning some decent money on the horizon *shocked face*

It’s funny how when something you really want hoves into view it’s not necessarily all plain sailing. Getting close to a goal can put you in such a heightened state of awareness that stress can kick in and threaten to derail you. This could be when I blow it.

This could be the time when I get ill. Not sleeping so well – waking up excited and stressed and not able to get back to sleep. Drinking too much coffee. Drinking too much wine. Losing my appetite.

So yes, I woke up earlier than usual today. But here I am, supping a cup of camomile tea and writing. Bringing my focus back to the positive stuff that has got me 90% of the way to my goal in this instance. Trying to keep it together to the end.

I’ve done the groundwork, I’ve sown the seeds, I’ve even done some weeding. I’m sure as hell going to stick around for the harvest.

One thought on “Keeping It Together and Closing the Deal

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