No One Thing

There is no one thing that you can do or that can happen that will change everything for you. No one thing that will make everything better. No one thing that can or should define your life and who you are.

Life is about lots of things. The good and the bad and the whole heap of stuff in between. Life is the sum of all of these and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

So don’t pin your hopes on any one thing or any one person or any one philosophy to get you through. Just keep on doing all the things that life asks of you. The big and the small. The grand gestures, the game changers and the small, seemingly trivial acts too. The form filling, the minutes spent chatting to an elderly neighbour, the laundry, the housekeeping.

We can’t always be engaged in the most edifying or exciting of activities. Even astronauts have to clear the dishes from time to time. And these small, mundane, monotonous activities underpin the more dramatic moments of our lives. They are the solid basis on which we create the airy opportunities.

So don’t resent them as taking you away from your bigger goals. Embrace them mindfully. You may just get the inspiration for that novel you so desperately want to write when you’re in the middle of washing up. Or if not, at least you’ll have a pleasant space in which to sit while you wrack your brains.

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