Breaking the Deadlock

We’ve all been there. Stuck. Wheels spinning. Mind full of ideas and plans that never get past the thinking stage. To do lists that only get longer.

Right now I have a backlog of blog posts accumulating in my head and in my drafts folder that threatens to engulf me. Yet somehow I can’t quite get around to finishing any one of them and pressing publish.

I have a ton of jobs to do – personal, professional and parental – and I can’t seem to pick any one to get started on. So instead I try and start several, all at once and fail to complete any successfully.

The answer: pick one thing and do it. Be it ever so small or ever so insignificant. Do one thing and see it through to completion. The subsequent buzz of gratification will carry you through the next thing. Then slowly but surely the tide will turn and the to do list will decrease.

Oh, and also. Turn off Facebook, Twitter and all other net-based distractions while you’re doing it.

Simples. *Presses publish*

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