A Sickly Monday Morning

Bleeurgh. That’s how I feel this blustery Monday morning. Not that surprising really considering I was bleeurghing the contents of my stomach up last night until about midnight (mild food poisoning? winter bug? who knows?). So now I feel a bit tired and shaky and I’m finding it incredibly hard to get going. It’s Monday, I want a flying start to my week to set the tone. But it ain’t happening.

What advice would I give to someone in my position? I would say: don’t fight it. Drink a vitamin drink. Take it steady. Try and do small but positive things until you’re engine gets warmed up properly. Things can wait. Don’t beat yourself up.

Use this enforced slow time to chip away at some creative projects. Write a little. Think quietly. The big, brash out-in-the-world jobs that need doing will just have to wait. You’re in no fit state. They will still be there tomorrow.

Feed your soul while your body recovers. Downtime can be an opportunity too. And when there is no real choice in the matter you simply have to embrace it.

I’m off to drink my vitamins. Hope your Monday is a healthful one.

One thought on “A Sickly Monday Morning

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