Step 2

My commitment to not checking every social media and online news site first thing in the morning has continued. I have actually managed to do it. Just. So, well done me. But. After the first couple of days of my new, slimmed-down internet regime the rewards became less noticeable. Day 1 and 2: a massive surge in productivity and optimism. Days 3 and on: meh. I seem to have slyly managed to slip my tendency to mindless internet use into spaces in the rest of my day. Squeezing my chewing gum for the mind into slivers of gaps that then gradually open up into massive craters. Black holes of mind-numbing wasted time.

Time to do something more. I guess we just become accustomed to our new ploys so quickly that if we’re not constantly reviewing and renewing there is a tendency to stagnate. Now I need to look at regulating my internet use more generally. Which bits of it are killing my creativity and which are enhancing it? Blogging helps. Facebook doesn’t.

I don’t have anything against Facebook per se. It’s the way I use it. I have it open on my desktop and it is the perfect time kill when I should be doing something else that maybe I’m not so keen on. I can browse photos for hours. Aimlessly. Mindlessly. Not because I’m enjoying it particularly but because it’s such a perfect form of procrastination. And then I end up hating myself because I haven’t achieved the things I want to. It’s not like reading a book or going for a walk or doing something that I genuinely enjoy and that feeds my energy and enthusiasm. It’s a non-activity that serves purely to sap my energy and prevent me from doing.

So. Step 2. Curb Facebook use. Close that tab. Check it once a day. In the evening. *Does one last, nervous check.* Think I can safely close it for the day without fear of the world tumbling in on me.

This may be more difficult than Step 1. But perhaps that means it will also be more rewarding. Stay tuned to find out.

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