I have a very big life decision to make right now. I’m standing at a crossroads, looking in two very different directions. Unfortunately, I can’t see all the way to the end of the road. I can’t know for sure what the outcomes will be. Do I follow my heart and trust that I can pull it off? Or do I follow my head and protect myself and my family as much as I can in this uncertain world of ours?

While I stand, deliberating at this crossroads my stomach churns as if I have just done two rounds on the waltzers (remember those from fairgrounds of old?) I have swung back and forth so many times between the different choices that I no longer know which way is up.

I ask the Universe for a sign. A sign appears. Hmmm. I ask for another one. Bigger. Clearer. Maybe a Lottery win would do it? 😉

The bottom line is that it’s scary. I don’t know if I can trust myself to pull it off. It would take an awful lot of work and discipline, not to mention a goodly dose of luck. If I was young, single and childless I would be more inclined to risk it. But, having said that, because I am older (more experienced), have a partner’s support and the fiery motivation of providing for my son, perhaps that makes me more likely to succeed if I dare go for it.

Oh, who knows. Not me right now. That’s for sure. 

Dear Universe, about that sign…..

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