Signs…..And More Signs

I asked the Universe for a sign to help me with some major life decisions. And the Universe delivered. And kept on delivering.

After my last, rage-filled post I was in a shaky state of mind. I was ready to pack it all in. But I wasn’t happy about it. (Obviously not. I was totally p*&$%d.) After calming myself down, I continued to look for signs. I guess I was waiting for the right one.

That weekend, after years of looking, we finally found the house that ticked all our boxes. Everything. Price, location, style, potential for expansion. Everything. Just perfect. We went back with an architect, to check we weren’t fooling ourselves. She was blown away by it. That’s got to be a good sign, right?

And there, hanging from a beam in the kitchen of the house we want to buy is a chalk bag. Made by the company my partner works for. He chuckles and points it out to me and the architect. The architect gasps, ‘It’s a sign!’ So it’s not just me.

And there, as we assess the house for its potential to develop a holiday business, my phone starts beeping. Suddenly tons of people are retweeting and favouriting a photo I posted earlier that day. Like, weird. This never happens to me. I scroll through my Twitter and discover that my earlier tweet was picked up on by the regional tourist board and subsequently disseminated by them. Wow.

Two days later and we’re still pondering the financial implications of buying the house. Maybe we should do it through our company. Could that work? I open Tweetdeck. Top of my timeline is a tweet linking to a post that lists the pros and cons of buying a property here through a limited company. Un. Freaking. Believable.

Reading this, you must think I spend all my time on social media. I really don’t. Which is why it makes it even stranger that when I next open Twitter I am immediately faced by a tweet that links to a website dedicated to the tiny village in which ‘our’ house is located.

I asked for signs. I got signs. It may be scary (it is!) but I think there’s little choice left. We’re going to have to go for it!

Wish us luck!!!

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