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One Simple Technique That Will Change Your Life

It’s true. Slightly hyperbolic but true nonetheless. And, what’s better, it’s not even a technique that you need to learn. It’s something we all do, all of the time. You just need to become aware of it and choose to focus it positively.


It’s as simple as that. Visualizing a positive outcome. Picturing what you want to happen. Keeping your eye on the prize.

It really works. You do move towards what you focus on. It’s like riding a bike. Look where you want to go. Don’t look down, or you’ll have a wobble. Don’t look back or you may take a tumble – you’ll certainly slow down.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I can be pretty good at catastrophizing. Particularly on those nights when I wake in the wee small hours, mind churning with work undone, bills unpaid, forms unfilled. I can quickly work myself up into a sitting-bolt-upright state of sleeplessness. That’s me scuppered. It’s entirely counter-productive.

Keeping my eyes on the prize....climbing onwards and upwards

Keeping my eyes on the prize….climbing onwards and upwards

So, recently I have decided to stop it. Now I know from bitter experience that when you’re lying awake in the dark busily catastrophizing it can be¬†far from simple to just stop. The secret is not aiming to just quiet and still the anxieties that are pressing in but instead to replace them. By visualizing positive outcomes I leave no space in my head for the niggling anxieties. I busy my mind with lovely stuff, with dreams and fantasies and ideals. With what I want to happen.

And soon enough, I fall asleep with a smile on my face and wake the next morning to face the day refreshed and raring to go, ready to make those dreams a reality.

Try it – you might just surprise yourself with how easy it is and what a big difference it can make to your life! And if you do, please come by and tell me how it worked out for you.



If You’re Feeling Bad, Don’t Panic!

Well, yesterday was a miserable Monday. I wasn’t feeling very well physically which didn’t help my mental state. I didn’t feel up to tackling any of the tasks that I really needed to in order to get the week off to a flying start. (I.e. those things that have been lurking around on my to-do list so long that they have now converted themselves into the things that I think about when I wake up at 2a.m.)

Anxiety reigned. Which further paralyzed me. Eventually I was forced to give in to it. I took to my bed with a book and had a snooze. Monday was a write-off in terms of productivity but at least after indulging myself I cheered up considerably and even managed to do a few minor positive tasks later in the evening.

And today I woke up feeling much better. Physically and mentally. Now I am cracking through some tasks. That’s not to say I’m not still skirting around the particularly challenging ones but I am getting there. I am feeling fit enough to employ some useful techniques like getting out for a walk in order to clear my head. There’s nothing like getting the blood pumping from physical exercise to override jittery anxiety and get you set for doing.

So, yeah. If you’re feeling bad, don’t panic. It won’t last forever. Nothing ever does. Ride it through the best you can, be gentle with yourself. Tomorrow is another day.